Mitel Acquisition of ShoreTel – What does this mean to you?

Sep 25, 2017 | ShoreTel, TECH, TOP-NEWS, Voice

Mitel Acquisition of ShoreTel – What does this mean to you?

On July 27, 2017, Mitel announced a definitive agreement to acquire ShoreTel. The Mitel press release can be viewed at: http://www.mitel.com/newsroom/news-releases/mitel-announces-definitive-agreement-acquire-shoretel.

Since the initial acquisition announcement back in July, the TECHOnPurpose team have been communicating with our peers at both ShoreTel and Mitel to discern how this will impact our current ShoreTel customers both now and in the months ahead. To this end, we have compiled a short FAQ regarding the acquisition.

General Organizational Questions:

  • Will the ShoreTel company name or headquarters change?
    Yes. The combined company will operate as Mitel, and continue to be headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).
  • Who Will lead the combined company?
    The executive management team of the combined company will be led by the existing Mitel leadership team; Rich McBee, Mitel’s President and Chief Executive Officer and Steve Spooner, Mitel’s Chief Financial Officer.
  • When will the integration of the two organizations begin?
    The planning process for integrating our companies started when Mitel first announced the proposed deal in July.  With the deal now complete, the integration teams are moving from planning to doing and they have already started. For example, signs at major ShoreTel locations have begun to change, and employees who formerly held @ShoreTel.com email addresses now have an @Mitel.com email address.

Product Strategy:

  • What is the plan for the combined product portfolio (how, when, expected timelines, etc.)?
    There will be no changes to the ShoreTel product portfolio on “Day 1”. However, cloud-based solutions appear to be Mitel’s overarching focus and common theme in the initial strategy they have communicated to us. Mitel are planning to share the combined roadmap early in 2018, and will keep updated on the associated timelines.
  • Will ShoreTel Products be re-branded to Mitel?
    Over time, all ShoreTel products and assets will be rebranded to Mitel. That will happen over a period of months and in different stages. Mitel will be moving as quickly as possible to fully convert the brand.

Service and Support:

  • Will this acquisition cause any delays in maintenance releases, patches, etc. for ShoreTel phone systems?
    All key R&D programs in Mitel and ShoreTel that have been identified and resourced will continue as planned, and they expect no short-term impact. Any longer-term changes will be communicated.
  • Will the ShoreTel software platform that I am using today be maintained and have upgrades in the future?
    Currently, there are no immediate plans to discontinue any ShoreTel products as part of the acquisition, and therefore we are confident that maintenance releases, software upgrades, bug fixes, etc. will be readily available as they were prior to the acquisition. Mitel are working on integrating the two products lines and will share the product portfolio roadmap early in 2018.
  • Which company will provide additional support or escalation should TECHOnPurpose (& customers) require it?
    There are no changes to entitlements, tools, contacts or processes that we currently have access to and we will continue to use the same resources as we always have.  We understand that there are no changes currently planned for the ShoreTel support website, hence, you can continue to access the same portals and tools you traditionally have. Mitel is currently looking at determining the best solution for the combined company going forward and should communicate with us well in advance of any changes.

TECHOnPurpose’s ShoreTel Partner Status:

  • Will TECHOnPurpose continue to be a ShoreTel Partner and are there any changes in the partner program that will effect TECHOnPurpose’s ability to sell and service our ShoreTel System?
    There are no immediate changes to the ShoreTel Partner program that would prevent TECHOnPurpose from servicing your ShoreTel systems and providing you with additional ShoreTel products should you need them.  Mitel will honor ShoreTel Partner agreements currently in place through early 2018. At that time, a new Partner Program will be available to ShoreTel partners to participate in.  We do not know what the new program may look like, however, we feel confident that Mitel will ensure that the current ShoreTel partners will be able to, with minimal requirements, requalify in the new partner program.
  • Can TECHOnPurpose sell Mitel products and services now?
    No. Until the new partner program is announced sometime in early 2018, Mitel partners will continue to sell the Mitel products; ShoreTel partners will continue to sell the ShoreTel products.

We hope that this short FAQ answers any questions you may have regarding the Mitel acquisition of ShoreTel. The primary take-away for now is “business as usual” – same great products, same price & process – new logo.

As always our team is available to answer any additional questions you have. We welcome your calls and emails and would be happy to schedule a meeting or conference call to answer any additional questions you have regarding this acquisition.

Thank you for your business and the continued opportunity to be of service!


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