Cloud or Premise – in the search for a perfect “long term” phone system solution, how do you choose which is right for your team and organization?

With so many competing options, features, limitations & capabilities, make one wrong turn here, and soon you’re “locked in” to the wrong solution, at the wrong price, for way too long.

A place where marketing is rocking, but the support team is overwhelmed -or- support loves your call center, but sales simply can’t collaborate with prospects in an intuitive way – now pipelines are stalled, and revenue is slipping. Your phone system must be a business enhancing asset, not a necessary evil that only meets the needs of the few.

With 30+ years of telecom experience #TECHOnPurpose will help you make the right choice for today, tomorrow and all the years of success & growth to come.

  • 70% of companies have (will) deploy Cloud UC. Source
  • 74M Cloud VoIP seats projected by 2020 Source
  • 38% of US work-from-home at least (1) day a week Source
  • 80-90% of US workforce would like to telework at least part time Source
  • >3.7 million (2.8% of US workforce) now work 50% from home Source
  • WHERE do Cloud Phone cost savings come from? Source
    • Hardware
    • Telecom Charges
    • Administration
    • Applications
    • Employee Productivity
    • Mobility
    • Scalability

Customers migrating infrastructure to VMware report a 70% reduction in cost!

Most (successful) companies strive to “move at the speed of their clients,” or risk loss of customers & revenue to competitors who do. Virtualization of applications & infrastructure is an operational imperative for organizations looking to reliably and affordably, build and scale quickly – and the cloud is pushing that envelope further & faster everyday.

The speed and savings of virtualization has even prompted technology hardware manufacturers to invest heavily in the virtualization of their infrastructure and applications. Need to deploy a ShoreTel phone switch or conferencing solution – or a Fortinet Next Generation Firewall – theres a virtual appliance for that!

With a global marketplace leadership of nearly 80% (source) VMware is the partner of choice for #TECHOnPurpose and our clients looking to affordably and quickly virtualize critical business infrastructure and applications.

Get VMware from #TECHOnPurpose
  • 70% Reduction in hw/sw costs when virtualizing. Source
  • 60% Reduction in Server TCO When Virtualizing. Source
  • 10% Average Physical Server Resource Utilization. Source
  • 15% of All VMs Now Public Cloud IaaS Delivered. Source
  • 76% of Orgs Taking Advantage of Virtualization. Source

How fast, scalable, ubiquitous, reliable and secure is your business network?

  • FAST & RELIABLE networks ensure sustainable staff productivity & timely product and service delivery.
  • SCALABILITY of your network sets the stage for success (or failure) in operational growth and expansion.
  • UBIQUITOUS [anytime – anywhere – any device] access to private, public and cloud networks is no longer an option, but a competitive mandate.
  • SECURITY of your network is an utmost priority from start-to-finish – from the desktop & mobile devices, in the office, in the cloud or working from home, and all points in between.

So how fast, scalable, reliable, ubiquitous and secure is your network? Contrary to manufacturer claims – not all their products are a fit for every customer and industry, and they are most certainly not all “created equal.”

With decades of network sales, design, deployment and support experience, we’ve worked with all the marketplace options, and we can help you select the right technology for your business. The right solution, at the right price, while ensuring optimal speed, reliability, scalability, ubiquity and security.

  • 67% of workers already BYOD in workplace. Source
  • 80% of WLANs obsolete in 2015 – unable to support BYOD growth. Source
  • 78% of workers believe BYOD device helps balance work/personal life. Source
  • 80% of all BYOD is completely unmanaged. Source
  • 35% of workers store work password on their smartphone. Source
  • 90% of US Orgs had at least 1 malware related incident in last 12 mos. Source
  • 80% of orgs had at least 1 threat caused by insider. Source
  • 300% increase in malicious email 2015-2016. Source
  • 40% of orgs say mobile devices compromised over past year. Source
  • 58% of U.S. orgs have no confidence in security of connected devices. Source

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

#TECHOnPurpose has broad experience and partnerships in most all things IT systems and infrastructure. Chances are really good, if you’re looking for it, we can get it!

If it’s IT Services you’re looking for, be sure to check out our broad range of IT Services on our Services page.

If you’re looking for Software, Desktops, Displays, Notebooks, Thin Clients, NUCs, Servers, Network Switches, POE, Storage & Memory, Data Racks, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Cloud Storage, WIFI, Wireless Access Points, Fixed Wireless, IP Phones, VoIP Phone Systems, Firewalls, UPS (did we miss anything?) – email , click the “How Can We Help” link below, or give us a call today.

Whatever the need, whatever the challenge – we’ve got the products, partnerships and experience to bring sustainable tech success to your project today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Only 17% of SMBs say they are where they want to be with technology. Source
  • 66% of SMBs very likely to seek outside help for new strategic uses of technology. Source
  • 42% of SMBs moved to a new IT firm because of cost. Source


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