#TechOnPurpose and InSpeed Networks Announce Partnership to Provide Quality Services

Aug 24, 2017 | Networks, TECH, TOP-NEWS, Voice, Wireless

Aug 24, 2017

#TechOnPurpose and InSpeed Networks Announce Partnership to Provide Quality Services

AUSTIN, TEXAS – August 23, 2017 – InSpeed Networks the only provider of self-driving SD-WAN solutions and #TECHOnPurpose, a leading technology firm headquartered in (Austin, TX), today announced that #TECHOnPurpose has selected InSpeed Network’s SD-WAN solution for its customers.

The InSpeed cloud-based platform provides #TECHOnPurpose customers with a high quality voice and videoconferencing experience, delivered over commodity Internet connections. Voice, videoconferencing and hosted business applications work every time, all the time.  Clear voice calls, artifact-free video, and responsive applications become the norm after deploying InSpeed Quality Service™ (IQS). InSpeed continuously adapts to the demands of changing business needs by automatically optimizing traffic, without the need for IT departments to constantly tune and tweak.

“Our customers are looking for advanced, secure communications over inexpensive commodity Internet connections, that can be quickly deployed and easily maintained, which made InSpeed’s cloud platform the obvious choice for us,” said Matt Tankersley, Founder and CEO, #TECHOnPurpose.

“Unlike competing solutions that require constant maintenance and in the end only frustrate the customer, InSpeed delivers an enterprise-ready SD-WAN solution designed to support companies of all sizes. They have an elegant approach that solves a complex network issue.”

“We are delighted #TECHOnPurpose partnered with us to enhance their Unified Communications offerings with InSpeed’s self-driving service,” said Doug Klein, CPO of InSpeed Networks. “With InSpeed Quality Service, we deliver on the promise and vision of SD-WAN without the complication of managing it. Why not let it run itself?”

Key Takeaways:

  • #TechOnPurpose is a leading technology firm, and has chosen the InSpeed cloud service to deliver best-in- class SD-WAN services to its large customer base throughout the country.
  • #TechOnPurpose selected InSpeed Networks because of its comprehensive Internet streamlining capabilities, in a simple to install and manage service.
  • InSpeed Networks, the only SD-WAN provider who ensures the reliable operation of time sensitive traffic over commodity internet links, fits perfectly with #TechOnPurpose mission to provide best in class Customer
    Satisfaction for their customers.

About #TECHOnPurpose:

  • TECHOnPurpose combines leading IT Technology with exceptional service, while helping customers to turn technology expenditures into community impact, right where they live and work. With decades of experience and a coast-to- coast US footprint (San Jose, Austin, Tampa)
  • TECHOnPurpose offers a comprehensive suite of IT products and services to a broad range of clients in the SMB,enterprise and non-profit sectors globally. For more information visit www.techonpurpose.net or call (512) 692-4300.

About InSpeed Networks:

  • InSpeed provides businesses with the ability to simply install a service that Streamlines™ their commodity Internet connections for crystal clear voice, artifact free video, and responsive business applications. InSpeed’s Streamlining™ technology is self-adjusting and simple to install. Now customers can utilize commodity Internet to access critical cloud services and safely move away from
    expensive fixed circuits, without the risk of poor quality voice, video and virtual desktop sessions. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, InSpeed offers its cloud service to its Channel Partners in the US and Canada. For more information, visit inspeednetworks.com


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