Who is TechOnPurpose

Feb 20, 2018 | Guest Post, IT Management, TOP-TIMES

Out in front of the business tech race, you find the TechOnPurpose team doing what they love; learning, growing and sharing their IT and business expertise through their broad portfolio of services and products.

TechOnPurpose clients enjoy professional, turnkey, IT solutions, and services with a unique practice of personal attention. Their Decades of combined IT experience provides clients a reliable resource that ensures mission-critical networks & systems are operational; affording peace of mind and confidence that you can professionally engage with your staff, customers, clients, donors, peers, patrons and partners anywhere, anytime, from any internet connected device. 

The TechOnPurpose executive management team is diverse by design. The varied IT backgrounds form a level of expertise comparable to big box, big service firms. This unique and collaborative expertise contributes to their top-shelf strategies and problem resolution skills. Their scalable stature delivers a fluid and responsive organization that is tactical and reactive to unexpected problems as well as the knowledge, wisdom, and foresight to make recommendations for a secure and robust future. Their mission as an integrated and trusted partner is to remove the IT distractions, so you can focus on your organization’s mission and what you do best.

Keeping pace with the break-neck speed of technology is an endless task and one which the TechOnPurpose team lives by to deliver relevant business product options and procurement while advancing best practices for their application and deployment. This insight is unparalleled when developing sustainable IT product strategies and implementation plans for VoIP and UCaaS phone systems, wireless and network infrastructure, managed networks and support services, Telco and Internet services, as well as network security & cloud video surveillance systems. 

Long-term clients describe TechOnPurpose as their “One-Stop-Shop” for IT products, consulting and services. You require knowledgeable, reliable, motivated and experienced people on your IT team. This is a starting point for TechOnPurpose, not a goal. Consider them an extension of your professional team. One that not only delivers their collaborative values but their ambitious and loyal work ethic as well. They refer to this core value as Sharing Your Mission. A component of that core value is, “We not Me.” Here the TechOnPurpose team gives back to your community by contributing to a local organization of your choice, reinforcing the grassroots adage of people helping people.

The TechOnPurpose team has an extensive and proven track record to substantiate their claims. Whatever your needs may require the TechOnPurpose can be relied upon to deliver IT strategies, decision friendly proposals, product procurement as well as installation, implementation, and training. TechOnPurpose is eager to support your efforts, your mission, and your community in a successful, honest and trustworthy partnership.


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